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After a number of years Wolverhampton is starting to see some real evidence that the commercial landscape is on the up and changing in a positive way. A few years ago we had one of the worst unoccupied retail unit rates in the country. More than 50% of retail, commercial units were vacant and the majority were derelict and an eyesore.

It was great to hear that £55 million has been rubber stamped by Wton Council in the much anticipated development of the Westside of the city. Urban and Civic are the preferred UK developers who are charged with this major project that will ultimately transform some of the most deprived areas in the city centre. We are set to see a number of bars , restaurant,commercial and retail units spring up on Wolverhampton’s Westside.

Along with the commercial introductions there will also be a high percentage if residential units and redevelopment of existing residential units in the immediate area. So this will mean more property investment in the city.

And if this plethora of forthcoming developments that will improve the commercial and residential climate of Wolverhampton wasn’t enough, Wolverhampton’s Rail Station is part of a £120 million Interchange project. This is great news as the tired station and fragile transport infrastructure will undergo a massive improvement which in turn will encourage more visitors to the city and generate more commercial and residential opportunities.

All in all there are positive steps of redevelopment and opportunities on the Wolverhampton horizon. So if you are looking to invest in residential property in the city and see great capital growth and high rental yields please contact me for more advice and information.


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