R&R Properties is an experienced Sales & Lettings Agency with a history of almost 20 years.
We are a close-knit, family agency with Ronnie as Director and his daughters; Rudee and Halee as Manager and Admin Manager, respectively. We work dynamically to the highest of standards to carry out the best service to our Landlords, Tenants, Developers and Investors.
R&R provide a wide range of services, we are not just your standard Estate Agents, we go above and beyond to deliver a tailored, professional service. We also offer unique property services such as Serviced Accommodation to satisfy those who are looking for high quality Short Stay Rentals.
R&R Properties are extremely approachable and responsive, do not hesitate to get in touch






Ronnie started out in property at the age of 19, when he bought his own property and from here, he never looked back. As a seasoned Landlord, Ronnie knows exactly what to look for in a Tenant and therefore as an Agent, he sources suitable Tenants time and again for our portfolio of Landlords. If the Tenant isn’t right for Ronnie from a Landlord’s perspective, then we wouldn’t expect the Tenant to be the right fit for our Landlords. The dual outlook of being both a Landlord and an Agent compliments each other and gives Ronnie the advantage of knowing the Landlord’s expectations. Over the last 20 years Ronnie has increased his property portfolio as well as expanding his property specialisms, with ongoing successful ventures in Serviced Accommodation, Property Developments, Property Investments and Property Renovations.
Ronnie understands the importance of personal growth and always challenges himself to improve his property skillset, this has been shown with Ronnie becoming an Associate of the National Agency of Estate Agents.




Rudee was brought into R&R and subsequently the property world by her father, Ronnie and has since been an asset to the company. Her youth and enthusiasm keeps R&R running at an optimum pace. In the last few years her work has proved instrumental in organising and managing our properties, Tenants and Landlords. Rudee proves her competence on a daily basis and has made a future for herself in Property. Rudee specialises in property marketing and property advertisement as well as being our Lettings lead.


Admin Manager


Halee ensures a smooth running of R&R Properties and has excellent organisational skills. Halee’s work is vital in the business and helps to ease the expanding activity that R&R is involved in. Halee also plays a role in content creating and marketing, which is essential to keep pushing R&R out into the mainstream and growing our portfolios.