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R&R Properties Affiliations:


Public Liability Insurance
Policy Number: RSAP2340799200


Property Redress Scheme
Membership Number: PRS012475


ICO Data Protection License
Reference Number: ZA544869

The above information displays R&R Properties’ legal requirements to ensure that we run a reliable and credible business, allowing our clients to have full confidence in us.

R&R Properties Terms of Business

Should you continue to read the below information R&R Properties’ Terms of Business you are complying to our website’s terms of use.


All information on the R&R website may be subjected to amendments at any time without client’s prior knowledge. Additionally the information provided on this website may contain inaccuracies, of which R&R Properties is fully exempt from liability. All viewers must understand that we cannot insure the exactness of any material located on this site and we are protected under the law in this respect.

It is the responsibility of the client to clarify any specifics regarding advertisements on the site and we implore that this is done via the request of a viewing. Therefore, any details that you take from this site prior to viewing is at your own decision, we do not take any responsibility for any opinion or conclusion you may form from the information provided to you on this website. Similarly, with our selection of services offered, it is the duty of the client to confirm all particulars.


All materials, media or otherwise is under R&R’s ownership and we forbid the reproduction of any such materials; photographs, listing details, documents, designs, service descriptions and pricing.


Any illegal operations of this website may be considered under the sphere of criminal offences.


With the introduction of virtual viewings, we do provide links to videos on YouTube for some properties. This does not mean in any case that we have a collaboration with YouTube, nor that we have any responsibility for other videos on that site. Solely, that we use the platform to produce Virtual Viewings for your convenience.


Utilization of www.randrproperties.co.uk falls to the discretion of the Laws of England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.


Disclaimer Notice:As previously stated, all information on the R&R website can not be fully accurate, despite our endeavours to update the site with useful and detailed descriptions, advertisements and services. Consequently, it is at your own choice to consider whether a property or service is suitable for you. Therefore, we recommend that you make a phone call or send an email to confirm particulars.Should you follow any external links from the site, we do not have any responsibility for their content. 

We work hard to ensure that our site is not affected by technical concerns, however, if at any point the site is non-responsive, we cannot take accountability for this as it will be beyond our control.




R&R Properties is obligated to guarantee the privacy of all users and clients. In the event that any personal information is requested on this site, it will be bound confidentially and no data will be manipulated or misused.

Information that could be requested:

  • Name
  • Phone Number
  • Email 

This information will only be used to contact yourself after making an enquiry. In some cases we may store your contact details to contact you at a later date regarding a service or property that you have an interest in.

All details provided to us will be safeguarded and kept securely.

We can assure you that there will be no dissemination or trading of your personal details. If you think that any submitted personal details are incorrect please do contact us to rectify any mistakes.

GDPR Concerning our Landlords, Tenants and Clients

In the same manner, when dealing with Tenancies and Sales we adhere to strict GDPR criteria. All information requested and obtained is kept confidential and is only used in relation to the Rental or Sale of the property. R&R Properties are not at liberty to release any information regarding our Clients and the safety of their private information is our utmost priority.

For further information, in relevance to our GDPR Rules & Regulations, please contact our office and request to speak to our Data Protection Officer.



R&R Properties does not discriminate in any service that we practise and therefore we seek to ensure the accessibility of our website for all. Our website is designed to be functional for people of all capabilities irrelevant of any disabilities that one may have. We would like to point out that the website may appear differently depending on the device it is displayed on but all information is the same. We would like to invite any feedback to make our website more operational so please don’t hesitate to contact us.



R&R Properties does not request for you to accept or decline the use of cookies and therefore in no way can we monitor the pages you visit.


Formal Complaint Process:

In order to maintain the highest standard of work and professionalism, R&R Properties needs to be informed when a problem occurs so that the problem can be resolved swiftly.

Should a complaint arise, please document said complaint in writing to Ronnie Robinson, who can be contacted on ronnie@randrproperties.co.uk. Following a documented complaint, this is the process:

  • A letter will be sent/emailed back to the complainer as recognition that the complaint had been received. This will be done within 3 days of receiving the initial complaint.
  • The complaint will then be examined and filed by R&R Properties and you will receive correspondence from the member of staff who has been assigned to the matter.
  • Within 15 days of R&R Properties sending the letter of recognition to the complainer a conclusion in writing of the complaint examination will be sent to the complainer.
  • Should you be dissatisfied with the outcome, another evaluation will be undertaken by a senior member of staff who will do their due diligence to review the matter.
  • Within 15 days from the commencement of the secondary evaluation, we will write to you to state our closing standpoint.
  • Following this conclusion if you are still dissatisfied, please get in touch with the Property Redress Scheme where you can leave a member complaint.


Property Redress Scheme

Premiere House

1st Floor

Elstree Way





0333 321 9418



  • Our Membership Number is PRS012475